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What is Santushtee ?

Santushtee, derived from the Hindi word meaning "satisfaction," is more than just a word to us—it's a guiding principle that inspires our collection of exquisite home accessories handcrafted by artisans.

Embrace the essence of contentment as you explore our exclusive collection of home accessories, and let us accompany you on your quest to create a space that exudes warmth, harmony, and Santushtee.

Where is we based?

We are headquartered in Banglore the city of gardens. We draw inspiration from the greenery around to create beautiful collections like Bamboo, woodpecker, honeycomb, and Sheesham to name a few.

How are these products made?

We make most of our products with our hands. These are skills that our artisans had learned from their forefathers .Embedded within the rich tapestry of our culture and heritage, these artisans are custodians of centuries-old techniques, honed and refined over time.

Who makes this?

These are made by local artisans by hand.
In a world driven by mass production and fleeting trends, there is a profound beauty in the enduring traditions and skills that have been passed down through generations. At Santushtee we celebrate the remarkable talents of local artisans who handcraft exquisite home accessories, keeping alive the tradition of craftsmanship and creating heirloom pieces that embody the essence of timelessness.

It looks lovely, how to maintain them?

Every piece can be cleaned with wet cloth / or washed with soapy solution.
We advice that use soft cloth to wipe dry the water drops as water can leave marks on any surface . Please check our maintenance instructions written in the product page.

Does wooden products age with time?

Wood grows old, as do people. Just rub it with coconut, sunflower or olive oil and watch it age gracefully.

Is fusing materials safe?

Yes completely. Nature is full of fusions. We've learnt from the very best. At Santushtee this is our USP where we fuses wood with brass / steel with brass etc .

Is this safe to serve food on them ? Will the polish on the wood / steel enter my food?

We are mindful of the processes &! materials used at the production stage. Be assured each product at Santushtee is totally food safe.

Are they dishwasher-safe as well?

Most of our products are handmade, and since we use a lot of brass in our products for embezzlement it is not safe to use them on dishwashers. We'd recommend cleaning by hand. Some of our cutlery range like the Luna & Aura collections are friendly with the dishwasher though.

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Palm Leaf cake stand

If I use spoons, will it leave scratches?

We recommend using sponge to clean cutlery which reduces chances of scratches.

How about soaps? Can I use soaps?

Sure you can. Use any kind except the harsh ones.

What about breakage?

If you receive a damaged product, let us know within 48 hrs of receiving the product and we’ll get it replaced as soon as possible. And while using it, it’ll survive everything except slippery hands.

How can I clean your metallic products?

We recommend washing them with soapy solution using sponge and wipe it dry with a cloth.

Do you take things back?

We do. Please Check out our return policy to know more.

Do you gift wrap these?

Sure, we'd love to gift wrap it for you.
Please connect with us on mail or call us if you have any special requests.

How long does it take to ship things?

Well, that completely depends where you stay. But we try and do it as fast as possible. We normally process orders within 2-3 working days.

Does brass not tarnish and become black?

Brass like gold is one of the easiest metals to work on as it’s soft. Brass is polished n then plated which reduces the tarnishing process.